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From last weekend's Ashland Train Day......the group was set up in the Depot Restaurant, hence the dark......but it really highlights the Menard's buildings!


Happy Mother's Day to all!


Peter, Menards's parking garage puts me in mind of the "Pigeon Hole Parking Garage" from my hometown.  Dave McKay caught some pics in the Morning Sun book of my hometown.  There were five levels above the ground floor.  But  you drove in , they drove the car onto a turntable on an elevator the car was positioned and then lifted and move from front to back, then car was placed into a stall "Pigeon Hole."  If I ever built the layout designed wanted to try somehow to incorporate a smaller version!


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Some shots from earlier this month.....


......from July through October, the next door "exhibit space" will be used by the "Spirit" retail store to sell costumes..... we built a temporary wall this past week to divide the spaces.....


.....they clear out by November, when the annual November Virginia Train Collectors Marketplace/Train Show will be held......



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The big layout has gone down.....electrical upgrade, ballast refresh and new (stronger/thicker) plexiglas.......we also built/installed and now painted barriers to separate us from a "pop-up" retail store.

Unfortunately, although we ordered the plexiglas as 47&15/16" and 35&15/16", we got 48&1/16" and 36&1/16"..........modular member Rick is cutting them down this week and we'll be back at work on Weds, the 6th.


It's always nice to see the layout without the barriers......


Have a great weekend, folks!



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It's made by a fellow who is not even an official member.....he just "likes" doing scenery projects for us!


You'll have to hire him for your layout scenery. I was telling Gunrunner John he needs to get Harry Henning to work on the scenery for his layout. If you've ever seen Harry do something with scenery on YouTube, you know how great he is. I don't quite remember if John said something funny about it would cost him too much to hire Harry.

It's  been nearly two months since I updated this thread.......since that time, we've spent more than 100 hrs in public displays: an Open House for the public, two weekends at the Keystone Tractor Museum, the Virginia Train Collectors Charlottesville show and 9 days at the CHesterfield County Fair. Here are pictures from my 3rd day at the Fair....


As always, we had a blast......


A unique and "on the fly" approach to transformer cooling......


Have a great weekend, folks!



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@Ron_S posted:

What a fun way to show off the hobby Peter. What is the setup/breakdown times for your modulars?

I separate it out in two ways......the frame includes electrical, legs, clamps, jumper track sections, plexiglass and curtains........and then the top decoration.

If we have 10-12 people......the layout frame goes up in two hours with one to two hours added for each member to decorate their individual sections.....depending on size and/or complexity.

For example: I have 18' x 32" to decorate. The station team has 18x6 ft to decorate, but there are 6 people. Tom (Gilly@N&W) has a corner, a bridge and a yard lead, of which, the scenery is partly modular. Ken (Kanawha) has a two corners and a 4 ft module. Many have just a 4' x32" times are all over the place.

Take down......when the tops of the modules are cleared, it's broken down, packed and loaded in just under two a separate issue, the clearing of the tops usually takes about an hour.


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We just ended our 9th year of holiday train running in the Great Big GreenHouse in BonAir/Midlothian, Virginia. It was a great 8 week run and capped off a 10 week run of public displays.....

The ending event at the GBGH was the annual Kids Day in the Garden which was attented by over 1000 children and their attendant parents/grandparents/etc.

A blast was had by all.......all were sad when we packed up and.......but, the good new is, that we'll be back for set up Monday, Nov 27th at 9AM!

Pictures from the 8 week run.......


Pictures from Kids Day in the Garden.......


Take down at 2PM........


......and, 2 hours later......


A picture of the take down crew.......


.....and last, a picture with the GBGH staff......


Have a great weekend, everyone!



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@BillYo414 posted:

How often does the group set up shop throughout the year?

Billy......we are in a vacant storefront (as long as it is unrented) and we try to have free Open Houses once a month.

In April, we take our 12x15 layout to Ashland Rail Days (a 1 day event).

In July, we'll take some combination of layouts to the Keystone Tractor Museum for a two weekend show.

In August, we'll take the 12x15 and 6x11 to the Chesterfield County Fair for a 10 day run.

In October, we'll take the 12x15 to Midlothian Day (a 1 day event)

All during the year, when the Virginia Train Collectors has a 2 day train meet in the adjacent storefront, we're open to the public.

In November, the weekend before Thanksgiving we're open for a VTC train meet.

Then we're packed and set up at the Science Museum of VA for their annual Thanksgiving Weekend show.......and the day after that we set up at the Great Big GreenHouse for our run until the 3rd Saturday in January.

Interspersed, while set up at the store are group run days and work days.....


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