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Putnam Division posted:

Thanks, Paul.....approximately 19x36....

Here's the best way to see it all:



Wow... that is a great view. I am totally envious of those long straight runs!!! Can not imagine the amount of work it is to set that up - and that doesn't even begin to cover building the modules and being there to run the trains (OK... that last one might not actually be work). You and your group are a real credit to the hobby and your community.

And one more.. we had five trains running on the two mainlines. Having way too much fun!!!!

The neat thing was:

AeroTrain: Conventional, MTH LocoSounds

Southern: TMCC, Atlas

Polar RailRoad: Legacy Lionel

Thomas: LionChief Lionel

Mail Train: MTH DCS PS-2

Running everything, all at once. This was a good shake-down run for Children's Day on 01/21/


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Yesterday, January 21, was official end of our exhibition year. We ended our at week run at the Great Big GreenHouse and dismantled the layout for winter storage. We had a real treat yesterday. A visiting delegation from the Trackers came to look at our bridge module. Here are some shots of our last day and pictures of Steve Kehr (L&N) on the Forum and his son (B&O940) talking to our group. Their visit was the highlight of what is always a sad day....take-down.


I took a lot of video the last few days and will work on those the next 2 weeks.



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