Modular Group News, 7/10/17 Update


It is an 18' straight section, that is 6' deep. There is an 18'x2' (3 times 6'x2') section to be bolted on. 

The curves attach to an independent loop that will feature a commuter train the will serve the areas to be built: an amusement park, and  an overhead city with an overhead station with below the station passenger platforms. (I believe AlexM is building the station for the guys out of MTH banks).

In addition. under the city with be a subway loop.

This 18' section replaces replaces the 12' amusement park/circus we currently have.

Directly opposite is my 12' industrial section. I am increasing my section by 6' to complement it. Max Foods is one of 3 buildings to fill the 6'. The Morrison Door Company is another. I have Dennis Brennan's Oblong Box Company on order. Lastly, I have 2 Korber factory kits that I am going to combine into a large factory with an overhang over a spur.

We also need to do ballast repairs on our 8 track yard. Summer is a good time to do it.......Because, we "use" the 95 degree Virginia heat to back the glue mixture.

We have a busy time until November!

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Chris Lonero posted:

I wouldn't make it in your group Peter.  With Max around I'd never get anything done! 

What kind of dog, is it a mini golden doodle as I have one and they look alike.

He is a 50lb-ish golden doodle.


Love Golden Doodles. My Mini Golden Doodle (Oscar) is about 41 lb's and is white with the light brown markings. Great Dogs


Don't Junk it, Make it Work!


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