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Believe it or not, it escaped me that the station could be hooked up to a loop.  In my mind it was always a splendid stand alone diorama.  When the train rolled into the station on the video, I had to ask myself where did it come from?  Well... the title of the thread has included the word "modular" from the start.  Duh!

One of my thoughts has been to just have a 48" x 30" diorama of a New York street scene with an elevated subway and concentrate on just that so I can complete something, but I never do.  Your station set-up proves to me that it can be done.

P.S. - I subscribed to your YouTube channel.

When I planned this layout, I imagined 4 identical modules that could be connected either end to end, or each module forming one side of a 4-sided loop, or a combination of the two, which is what you see in the video: the two completed modules are end to end in the front, and the track then loops around to the back and runs on the two unfinished modules which are also end to end. I really don't have the room to set it up permanently, but this way I can enjoy the big trains and store it in pieces when I'm done.

When you design your diorama, you can make the track run off at each end for future connection to other modules. That encourages you to think about what the next module will look like, but there's no rush, and you still have something to show for your efforts. 😁

@CTA Fan posted:

Question = where do you source your figures/people?

Most of them are Arttista. Then a bunch are from a seller in Belarus on Ebay: do a search on Seller:gordvlad . The rest are Bachmann, MTH/Rail King and Woodland Scenics, all found on Ebay. I search for O scale figures.  The only issue is that some figures are 1:43, some are 1:48. I place similar figures together and away from others that are different scale. I even have a few S scale figures, which work well in seated positions, like on the luncheonette stools.

Although some of the figures are pricey, it's a relatively small splurge, and the figures are essential to this layout.  Since I'm not spending $1,500 or $2,000 on a Lionel Legacy Challenger or the like, I feel it's OK to indulge in a much smaller splurge. 😁

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So this wraps up the construction of the second subway module, Times Square Station. Thank you to everyone who contributed, suggested, commented and liked.

I'm thinking of what the next module will entail. Right now I think I would like to replicate one of the early first-contract IRT stations along the West Side of Manhattan, but with a rendition of my much-loved Viejo San Juan above ground. Sort of a fantasy layout.

Joe it's a great module.  I don't recall the construction of the first module.  Watching the video I thought it would be cool if a mechanism like the Lionel milk car could somehow be put in a subway car to "eject" passenger(s) when the doors open,  and something like the mech for the modern fork lift loader could let passengers "walk" into the sub way cars.

The street lights in my first module always bothered me. They didn't look like the "shepherd's crook" NYC lights, and they didn't light up, because I didn't want to be bothered with all the proprietary Woodland Scenics "Just Plug" components. But I hadn't found any ready-made ones, and the ones I had just kept bothering me...

Then Joe Frank's scratch-built lights got me to thinking, maybe I can make some, too. So I modified some existing Woodland Scenics lights with bent brass tubing and clothing snap fasteners, and got the "Just Plug" components. Now I feel better. 🤪 Thank you, Joe.



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@West side Joe, Wow , beautiful workmanship, just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your work with us. I think a subway layout would be very interesting, maybe it’s called Traction, not sure, but I’m going back to the beginning of this thread and start from the Beginning. I do have a Lionel R30 set, it’s a crowd pleaser. Happy Railroading Everyone FCDB75D2-5FB0-4C5D-8313-7D0C6ED20AB6


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@bigkid posted:

Absolutely stunning module, as a veteran of riding the subways you have captured it. About the only criticism I would give is the place with the "Frankfurter" sign should have been a Nedicks *smile*. There was one in the old Times square station by the shuttle if I recall correctly. (really good hot dog, too, with the toasted bun).

That was a unique hot dog bun for sure. More like a folded up slice of thick toast. Hadn't thought about those in ages. 😋

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