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All the years I've been in this hobby, I've always thought how nice it would be to share my efforts in a modelling publication, but I never had anything worth sharing. It finally happened. My subway layout in the October 2020 issue of Continental Modeller magazine. Hope you like it.


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Stations where subway trains are held by dispatchers to meet other trains or let them pass, have departure signals consisting of three orange bulbs, placed along the platform so the conductors can see them from their positions. When the dispatcher wants the train to leave, the lights are turned on, and the conductor proceeds to close the doors. This is my rendition of a departure signal for my 42nd St. station module.20201201_20370720201201_203625


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For 42nd street, which is where your model is re-creating--you would have 'holding lights' which operate the opposite of the way  described--turned on to hold a train in the station, and are turned off when the train is allowed to proceed.

At terminals, yes, I believe such lights are turned on (usually accompanied by a gong) to signal crews of clearance to depart. For both installations, I've never seen them recessed into any sort of enclosure--most of each bulb is visible (the individual bulbs may be shielded by plastic domes, such that standard sized LED's would make for a good replica either way.


PCJ, thanks for the clarification. It's been a while since I've ridden the subway due to this pesky virus, so I couldn't remember which way the lights worked. Re: the bulbs themselves, when I do the final installation I will maneuver the flared ends of the fiber optic lines so that they protrude similar to the actual bulbs. I went with fiber optic because I have extra fiber and illuminators, and the fiber is a bit oversized but I'm happy with it.

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