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Hi, Looking at momentary switches (on) off (on) to run some ucs remote Lionel switches (at least that is what they say). I found some online. They say that they are momentary but the on is doesn't have any parenthesis around them. I was under the impression that all momentary switches had the on in parenthesis. Is that true?

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Yes, generally that is the case, but not always - some websites have it backwards or not noted in that way. I have bought bags of switches that did or did not follow the 'parenthesis convention' and had to return them or keep a bag full of switches I didn't really need - some websites had it backwards. Shop around and confirm that the switches are latching or non-latching/momentary. I have purchased dozens in recent weeks as I prepare to build out my table and some pricing is wildly steep and some a relatively affordable, but no single vendor had best pricing.

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Darrel, this is my "go to" for electrical parts, see toggle switches

This switch will work for you, DPDT CENTER-OFF MOMENTARY MINI-TOGGLE
CAT # MTS-93

RCS Surface Mounted Switch
my web page with "Control Lionel RC Track with Miniature Toggle Switch"

my web page with various switch uses

My Main control panel has had many momentary ON push button switches since 1977.  Most operate Marx switches (Red and Green below) with five push button pairs operating two switches at a time.  The layout has 31 Marx switches and diagram control panels are the easiest way to locate and operate the desired track switch. They were bought at Radio Shack and and later on Ebay.



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