Anyone know the the alleged 500 tables and 100 exhibitors at Monroeville is actually going to have someone selling merchandise at them this weekend?  I know that show in the old days, maybe, but nowadays, probably not so much.  False advertisement comes to mind... LOL

Is it worth it ?


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Why don't you go, anyoleways, and tell us what you have decided is the reality of that show, sir. It's pro'ly just a couple bucks, right? I haven't been back to one for at least a decade, and am originally from the McKeesport area, though presently living life at a considerable distance away.


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I probably will, I won't be able to get there until Sunday. Just wanted to know if anyone here attends it regularly and what they think.

Their website says it’s 10am Saturday thru 4pm Sunday.

 Wow...Does that mean a thirty straight hour train-O-rama?

 That would strangely enjoyable!



Yeah, but I think not - LOL

I do remember going to some shows in Columbus or Dayton ,Ohio in the late 90's that had every imaginable model train AND railroadinia items available. One guy had actual cross buck lights for sale.  I'd hate to try and manhandle those things around !

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