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But wait, there's more!  First come, first served.  Please contact me via e-mail.  My preference is to deliver these to you at York, but if you wish them sent, shipping is extra.

Engines for Searchlight Cars - I bought some of these to use for a model, but it didn't work out.  All 6 for $12.


Hobby Mitre Box - pristine condition.  I never used it and don't need another one.  $5


Scale City - PRR Keystone station or tower signs - "WJ".  These are wrong for me, but might be perfect for you. $8.


Assorted 3/8" Carriage Bolts, Washers & Nuts - lengths are 2.75-3" (see below).  Perfect for benchwork.  $5


Harbor Freight 500-watt Work Light.  Works great but I don't need it.  $5           IMG_6021IMG_6022IMG_6023

Thanks for looking.



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