026856D1-AF01-4DF5-AF1F-62C1FF14DE5ADAE6F8DF-8D56-47D7-85E3-E22393D1D338C7A956D1-EE70-44AB-BB01-77D8122A8AFF569057A6-246C-4E18-974F-10EFF7248087F6516774-8E92-47B2-AE27-C5A3B8ED8F55ADFDD367-A997-49D0-A26C-4E97A1995A40CB8BBB97-A5B3-4CC4-939D-7CB5BDD8E958352BE500-3010-4423-BF2C-A229015D3CADD5A95181-BF92-49B1-AB4F-EFF909755C1FB7A663D9-2F10-437D-918C-4ECCA6F20967CE52F20D-0EDA-4B5A-BD4B-EAD3976FCA1A561DC1E2-AE58-4203-AA54-6DAEEAA837A7676D9A8B-0C9F-4B5F-8765-FA4DA23D5CF7241E2A61-20D2-45DA-B3E0-0229048A1E4DC8A4F3AC-55B0-4FDE-84F8-8F9BF4A546EA42113DE6-F4D6-4F9A-9814-EF92D1435C98AC071831-DE46-400C-A1A2-A310F547E178C281FDFD-B59D-492A-BC8C-C76E2BBDA881103E3CDB-2C2C-4EF7-867D-2F9204DADE7F4A08250C-48CA-43A6-B754-1C9C73CA281BF3BF0211-F1C8-45DC-B3DA-FA31D37CB0EB9EFBB475-E9B3-47E1-8DA8-983FB15111E5I am cleaning out my train room so I found these I will be at York in the morning on Friday if you want to meet and I can deliver any questions please ask at gpamikeh1@yahoo.com

Lionel 6-25008 2006 Christmas car NIB asking 25.00 plus shipping 

Lionel LW 125W Transformer with lock-on and paperwork asking 90.00 plus shipping 

Scale University O scale Laser Cut Freight depot very good to excellent condition needs some new legs on the bottom asking 55.00 plus shipping

Life Like mountain Paper NIB I have 3 of these asking 8.00 each plus shipping  

Lionel 6-29941 2006 LRRC Christmas car NIB asking 25.00 plus shipping 

Lionel 6-25066 2009 Lionel Christmas car NIB asking 25.00 plus shipping

K-Line K762-8031 Cooks Company ale Woodside Reefer NIB asking 25.00 plus shipping 

Korber kit #915 Quaker Foods NIB asking 40.00 plus shipping 

Korber Kit# 920 Soregum Candy Co NIB asking 45.00 plus shipping 

Package of 15 single pole switches whole bag 10.00 plus shipping 

Lionel C&O 4-4-2 #8142 Diecast Locomotive plastic tender upgraded with new sound system NO BOX asking 150.00 plus shipping 



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