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Hey gang....

Since this will probably be the last run of the MTH railking scale RS-3's, we have asked about the possibility of adding one more road to our special run list.

This one is a particular fav of mine, since I worked and rode on these engines back a hundred years ago...  The Erie-Lackawanna Passenger RS-3's , or as we called them on the EL New York Division ...."the 900's"    Its hard to believe that the last time MTH made them was in 2000!   Im hoping to get Atlas to do some of of there  60' passenger cars in Erie (green with yellow lettering) , so as to be able to put together a nice EL commuter train.  Only a handful of the coaches were ever re-lettered Erie-Lackawanna. Most were just lettered ERIE till they were retired.

The EL  900's (RS-2's and 3's) were the most common engine in the commuter pool, and were also used on some local freights.  And on weekends, you could see 3 to 5 of them together on a road freight between Croxton and Port Jervis or Binghamton.

The "10 hundred" RS-3's (which have more commonly been modeled), were freight only, and rarely made it as far east as the NY division.    Anything west of Binghamton, we called "out west".  The 10 hundreds were all out west.

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Here's the link.   Please pre-order if interested.    Its still not a done deal unless there is enough interest...





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Ive got MTH Sierra Railroad Baldwin switchers available for pre-order.   If pre-orders were better, Id do ,more west coast shortlines.

I wanted to do Magma Arizona and Trona baldwins, but there was little interest.    And CCT and ST&E SW's,   And there Tucson, Cornelia, and Gila Bend, copper basin,  AZCR, and a few other logging RR's in northern CA that I cant remember off hand....

and a little further east ..Tulsa Sapulpa union, and the E&E,  DMVW, Minnesota western,  And lots of others..Im not even up on the grainger shortlines, but I know there's a few. .......but I gotta sell more than a handful of any road tho....

Here's the link to the sierra railroad VO1000, and the Utah railway RSD4 ,  If i sell enough of these, I'll do more west of the Mississippi short lines.




I would love to do a Nevada Northern RS-3 some day.  We did NN 2 bay hopper cars a while back, but unfortunately there wasnt that much interest.   We were scheduled to to an NN double sheathed box car too, but now im kinda on the fence about it.   If there's a way to drum up business for NN equipment, LMK.


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We're currently doing a custom run SD7 through GGD/ 3rd Rail of our SD7 #401 in the gorgeous "Desert Warbonbet" paint scheme (availableon the museum's website).

We recently returned our Baldwin VO-1000 #801 to operation (the only one running in the world) and if MTH offers that locomotive again I'd certainly love to see about a custom run of that.

Unfortunately, a lot of our equipment (especially the 3 operating steam locomotives) aren't well represented by any existing tooling. That being said for the box cars or anything else, if you want help with prototype photos or whatever please feel free to email me and I'll be happy to help!

The Dirt the Cat boxcar we did with Lionel sold well although that was a different market than the scale enthusiast. I'd be happy to talk to the boss about buying some stock to sell in the gift shop.

I sold some of the hopper to the musuem for the gift shop a long time ago,  never heard back for  re-order or anything, and I didnt want to be pushy.    If u guys would like some more, LMK.    It might be nice to have some cars to offer along with the SD7.

There's still time for me to get in an MTH RS-3 order if u want, but you'd have to pick up 20 pieces (10 each of 2 different road number,   They have smoke and P3.0 and all, and a LOT cheaper than a 3rd rail SD.  (like half the price)

I also can put in with MTH for NN on the next run of double sheathed box cars, if u are interested in some for the museam...



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