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Tanner111 posted:


you really did an awesome job with this. The only thing I would like to learn more about is lighting the building. Can you share what components you used to do the lighting?  LED’s obviously, but did you use a transformer of some sort?

To be honest with you when I ordered a lot of my Menard buildings they were giving away Shelby cars with the plug in lights, so I removed lights from about four of the cars wired them together leaving one plug and utilizing one of the Transformers that I bought from Menards plugged them to it and then I had lights for my buildings and silos.

play trains posted:

True, Cabinet Bob is one of a kind! That being said Mike, you're always sucking up to Dad, even when we were kids! Lol By the way I love this thread!

Well because I live here in Washington St. I have to do it here! If I lived closer like you nobody would ever know, I would just drive over to his house. But then again if I lived out there I would come and visit you more!

MONON_JIM posted:

Still need fencing and Morton Salt delivery trucks.

Glenn could you tell me where you got the silos?



Jim I made these from scratch using 2in white PVC the 1/48 scale ladder with safety cage is manufactured by Plastruct part number 90432 (this item can be purchased from Plastruct directly or you can get it from a  hobby supply store like Hobbylinc or Scenic Express). I used spare parts I had laying around for the Caps to the silos and the red LED lights came from the rear of the Menards cars that I took apart. Of course the blue paint is what I posted earlier made by Rust-Oleum. Hope this helps. Happy modeling!

Thanks, Glenn.  Unfortunately I had to return my newly purchased Morton Salt building to Menard's because the lights flickered.  Not only did I return the first one, I also returned the second one or the same reason.  I checked the third one in the store and it flickered too.  Not my day.  Thanks for the information.

Tanner111 posted:


You have inspired me to do something similar except without the menards building. Can you tell me about whether you bought or made the stairs, ladder, light covers, and hand rails? Also which yellow paint did you use?

Most of the detail parts ladders etc. are produced by Plastruct , that can be found on line @ Hobbylinc or Scenic Express. The paint is Rust-Oleum Gloss Protective Enamel Sunburst Yellow #7747. Would like to see photos of your project. HAPPY MODELING!

Tom Q Fan posted:


Your Morton Salt complex is really nice. Could you post more pictures of what you did? How did you make the other structures?  Did you remove the Menard's base from the Salt Factory?  or just modify it?

  Lucky to have Paul and Glenn post their wonderful work on this great forum. 

Really great work Paul.




                            Tom, I hope these pictures help. NJ Hirailers


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OMG!!  What you guys do with these buildings is completely awesome.

Here is mine.  All I added was a simple platform and fencing.  I also chopped out that bottom piece for the right-of way.



Oh yeah, and that sign on top.  Those LED's in the backdrops are my new experiment....all battery powered.



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