I've been all over the internet looking for three service carts like the maids in motel and hotels use when cleaning up the rooms. No joy so far.

Does anyone know of such a thing, or do I have to drag out my terrible scratch building skills?


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Alternate thoughts,

I went to a medical supply house and  picked up a medical services cart.  I positioned battery chargers, clamp on small vise, clamp on magnifier light, tie wrapped a terminal strip, added some clamps, basic tools.  My version  of a medical Crash Cart:


Then I went to an auto supply shop and picked up an over the fender service cart.  It has various screws, clamps wire I.D. tags, colored tape, soldering supplies, wire strippers etc.  These two carts can be rolled to any location on my far flung RR:


base caddys

The base of the auto cart is perfect for holding 2 four compartment screw trays, plus a tray for a biscuit joiner & miscellaneous supplies.


Plus I strapped on multi colored rolls of 10, 12 14 & 20 ga wire on an assortment of furniture dollies.  It is starting to come together:



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Rubbermaid makes the carts you are looking for.  Sold by many office supply companies.   Fairly expensive. $200. to $400. for the small and some medium ones.

Grainger, janitorial supply stores and E-line also carry them.

Harbor Freight has cheap copy cats.

Eternity is a long time to have been wrong.


I kind of assumed that OP is looking for a model. Am I wrong?




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I have three carts that I use. They are restaurant bus carts, and are around $70. I use one for electrical, one for tools and one for scenery.

Check webstaurant.com. They also have bus tubs. 

Edit : I was wrong about the price, they are cheaper than that.


IMG_0113IMG_0115I went to Harbor Freight and picked up two carts, one a parts cart and one a small tool cart for around $120 and modified them to suit my needs. The parts cart I divided and lined to store trains in when I need to remove them from the layout and the tool cart is just what I use it for. It has a single draw and both fit under the layout.


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Tom, If you have an example you have in mind. I’m sure I could print some out on our 3D resin printer. My email is in my profile if you want email me a photo of what you are looking for. Something like this? 



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Tom, If you have something different in mind get me a photo, I can probably make it like you want.  The one I post above measures 3’H x2’W & 5’L in prototype. S would be 9/16 x 3/8 x 15/16 I believe. Cost I can figure out once the shape is figured out. Not much though.



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Here are some photos of the 3D printed maid cart. There are some tiny support nubs that will need to be cleaned off but came out great. I will have to run the rest tomorrow. I grabbed the single part file when I sent to printer instead of the group.



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Reading this thread from beginning to end, makes me believe that this thread desires some kind of award.

I was sitting down the whole time, but i am so dizzy I don't think I should stand up just yet.

I'm glad there was a successful resolution. 

You know you can't find reading material anything like this outside of govt documents.

The cart looks impressive by the way.

At first I thought he was looking for the real thing...lol. I had one in my shop for years for holding painting stuff. Don't remember how I ended up with the thing, but it was kind of handy. However, it was such a pain to navigate that I eventually sent it to the cornfield...


CSX Al posted:

Tom, How are the carts looking?



The carts are great, but I'm not.  I'm giving myself fits trying to get the trash bags and laundry bags made for the ends and getting supplies (bed linens, TP, and towels, cleaning supplies and the like) for the tray and shelves that aren't gigantic.

I'll win out in the long run, but I hadn't planned on running this long.


How do you feel about some 1960 era wire shopping carts.  If you're interested I can get some pics of them.


Thanks again.  Tom


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