Mount Loretto Spur on Staten Island

The Mount Loretto spur on the SIRT was intact and serviceable until at least 1964, although the passenger platform at the orphanage had been demolished. I'm not sure why this does not show on the 1949 map. There was a ramp and trestle used for coal deliveries in the 1950's at the end of the line.

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Hi Tommy, a little history...


Part of that reason is because the right of way and road bed from the Amboy Road grade crossing to the end of track at the Home was privately owned by the Archdiocese of New York. It was not owned by the SIRT nor was it open to the public. SIRT provided any needed track maintenance, which the Home paid for. The name of the private station at Mount Loretto was "Mission of the Immaculate Virgin."
The branch line was originally built to bring construction materials for
large buildings at Mount Loretto and its power house in the late 1800s.
Besides supplying coal and other materials to the home over the decades, SIRT operated an every third Sunday special train from the St. George Ferry Terminal directly to Mount Loretto for relatives and visitors. It was paid for by the Archdiocese of New York.
This direct train service ended in the late 1930s and chartered Staten Island Coach Co. buses were used after that. A steam locomotive was used to haul the special trains of usually three steel MUE cars up to Mount Loretto after the 1925 electrification of the SIRT.  The branch was never electrified.



Very interesting information. I have a personal experience with the Mount Loretto Home that I remembered reading this thread.


In 1970 I was a senior at Cardinal Spellman HS up in the Bronx. I was in the glee Club and was in a rock band with 3 other Glee Club members. In mid-December the Glee Club director got a call and was asked to provide entertainment for the annual Christmas party for the Home's teenagers. He thought about it and rather sending the Glee Club, he asked us if we would go and get out of classes for a day. We said, "sure thing".


It was my 1st experience as a driver on the BQE (in rush hour to boot!). My 1st experience on Staten Island or the Verrazano Bridge.


We played for 6 hours for the kids who really had a good time........but, the thrill for us was the was Ed Sullivan!  We evening made the local CBS news that evening!





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