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Hi, all.

Getting ready to move near Redding Ca. I'm leaving San Diego where I have been spoiled with several O gauge clubs and the Model Railroad museum to run my trains at. Anybody know of an other O gaugers in the area?

I will have room to finally build a layout other than the temp Christmas circle. But I enjoy getting together with other train enthusiast when pandemic rules allow.

I know about the Sacramento RR museum and the skunk train on the coast but anything RR related closer to Redding?



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Hope your home and layout are Fireproof.

There have been several bad wildfires in that area.

Fire Insurance is also tough, I had to go with the State of California Fair Plan Fire Insurance, also known as assigned risk.

I just brought a retirement/second home in the central California Foothills just outside Sequoia National Park.

It was a fifth of the cost of a Bay Area Home and came with a 1.5 acre lot/future train garden.

If I want a train club I will have to start my own, I plan on my brother-in-law / next door neighbor to be my first member, my sister says he needs a hobby.

Mark:  I live in Julian, CA. Please elaborate info on O gauge clubs in the SD area. I haven't been very good at finding info about any of them. Enjoy Redding.

Pete Lagus

Pete, If you click on the link at the posts from Mark or myself. It will take you to our club's webpage. It will give you some info on our club and at the bottom of the column on the left you will also find a link to the San Diego Model RR Museum. Currently we are only open three days per week , Fri. ~ Sun., 11am to 4pm. I am normally there on Fridays.

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