MP3 Sound for Crossing Gate

Ken, nice progress!  Some peanut-gallery comments...

1. I figure you're turning on the MP3 player board when the red LEDs start flashing?   I can't hear the power-on audio "pop". 

2. The red LEDs start flashing a couple seconds before the bell sound starts.  I assume this is the start-up delay of the MP3 player module?  On the other hand, it appears the LEDs and sound simultaneously STOP. 

3. At about 11 sec (gate up and idle), 26 sec, and 32 sec (as gate is dropping) into the video I can hear the servo gearbox momentarily buzz in what almost sounds like "servo hunting" (google it if not familiar).

4. It appears the LED flashing cadence "resets" at the beginning AND end of the crossing gate motion.  So the steady/even left-right-left-right flashing "hiccups" whenever servo motion starts and stops. 

Just trivial observations, but if you're still in the "fiddling" stage...

Thank you again for the input Stan. You are correct as to the delays. I have the top lights flash for a short period before I start the gate motion/gate LED. At the start of the top lights flashing I activate the MP3 module and it has a delay & pop.

As to the servo buzzing, I am using a 'canned' program to run the servo from the Arduino library (and remember I am a total novice to C programming). As to the LED flashing and gate motion, I step the servo 1 deg at a time, and count the steps before I flashing one of the LEDs (during gate motion). So to get a reasonable delay between each LED, I move 1 step each 50ms for 8 steps and then flash an LED, then repeat for other LED until gate is down and when down, I just use the same code to flash the LEDs that I use at the start (before gate motion). I lose a little synch when interrupted during the up motion. Again, this was my simplistic approach due my limited knowledge of C.

I just wanted to get it working and will continue to learn better ways to implement these functions as I read on in the C book. If you have any ideas, I would welcome them.

As always, thank you much.







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