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Jim, get well, but speaking from experience, do your physical therapy!

I broke my femur last year and most of the people in pt had replacement parts and were reluctant to do the exercises. That delays the healing.

On the other hand, I just renewed my digital subscription so I have plenty to read while riding the bike.

Best wishes for a good recovery, Jim.

Several have urged you to do the physical therapy.  That will be the biggest factor in a good recovery.  I had a total knee replacement five years ago, and did all the P.T. prescribed, more frequently and for longer than prescribed.  As a result, I have a pain free knee with 98% of the natural rotation and bend.  I'm 74 and can climb up on my railroad layout with no difficulty, when I need to.  You can do this, too.

Embrace the pain, and later be delighted with the result.  Best wishes to you.

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Get well Jim, the only shop owner that ever called me at 11 pm because I left an inquiry if he had something in stock or if he was getting it. I picked up the phone on the first ring so no one else in the house would wake up. I heard "Hi this is Jim from my train shop, how much you looking to spend and how soon do you want it".

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