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Reaching out to Lionel, Consolidation, and N&W fans!

It is up to N&W and Consolidation fans to pre-order on Mr. Muffins website. These pre orders  require a minimum of 40 to be built.  Mr. Muffin’s price is $675 ($75 less than the MSRP) and a photo of the N&W 2-8-0 can be viewed on his website.  

Here is the link.   Let’s spread the word.

Thanks to N&WGuy for making this happen

Here is a photo from Johnny Winkler to motivate you, apparently four are still in existence. Final art work TBD:


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@0-Gauge CJ posted:

Here is a picture of N&W #885 2-8-0 that I think is closer to what 917 might have looked like. I don't think it has the stars on the piston chambers(?).

Wish the headlight could be mounted near the top of the smokebox, but I don't think Lionel is making one with that option.

As it turns out, N&W's W2 class (which #917 ranks among) did have a headlamp mounted on the front of the smokebox!

N&W Historical Society Photo #1

N&W Historical Society Photo #2

N&W Historical Society Photo #3 (Engine #684)

It does seem that #917's batch(?) of consolidations did have the higher-mounted headlamp. Picture of #943

Regardless, it is nice to know that N&W had roughly the the same model and appearance. I'm being picky but I do appreciate when the model's general appearance matches the prototype

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