I have one of these and all the features seem to work ok.

However, the sound is not very loud. 

The instructions say push button 6 first and wait 2 seconds, before pushing another button.

What other button do I push to make the horn louder?

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I believe that's always been the knock on those.  You can probably increase the volume with a quality speaker and a good baffle.

Without seeing what space is available, I can't be too specific.  I'd probably try to use something like the mini-FatBoy that Lionel uses for many engines.  As for a baffle, something as simple as a spray can lid of the correct size can be used.  One of my favorite ways to do baffles is to use thin-wall PVC tubing and glue a lid of Styrene on top.  I can make them of any height to fit.

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