RickM46 posted:

Pat, I have the 5452 on the way; I am going to: check to make sure the axles of the tender spin freely; out of the box, run the engine a bit to see if it shudders; in any case, force RednTacky into the grease port and run it hoping it will get smooth.  AND, last but not least, consider sending the loco to you for adjustment - how do you like them apples?

Not a problem Rick, always good to see your smiling face romping about the forum!..☺️...IF I were to get one, my first move would be to throw that Cannon motor in the trash can...she’d have a Pittman before the evening! ..I’d void the warranty before before the brown truck left the driveway!....😜........Pat

The Water Level Route.......You Can Sleep

Alex M posted:

Hello all,

I received my Hudson this morning , it seems to me the issue is simple. it needs to be broken in a bit ,i placed it on stationary rollers and let it air out . Then  i added grease to the worm gearbox, in my case it solved everything. I do not recommend opening up the engine like i did, it will void your warranty. Just use a syringe and shoot grease into the fill hole located on the underside of the chassis. 


Thanks , Alex




Alex, great informative video as always. I am hoping I have time Thursday morning to pop down some straight track on the rug to put a little running in on mine before heading to my sister's for Thanksgiving day festivities. I know that sleep will be involved later on lol. 

Thanks once again for educating me. I think I will have to pick up some of that grease you mentioned in the video as well. I know my 1990's Mohawk needs some grease and oil since it has been in the box for some time before I get that out to run again.

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