I got my 2016 MTCRRC Long Island boxcar today. It's been so long.

What was the 2017 car and did anyone get it yet? I can't remember if I renewed for 2017. 

If I did I may renew for 2018 because I have moved, and hopefully the 2017 car will follow me when it does show up, if it is not here already. Everything is upset in the move, and I can't easily retrieve things to check it out.

It isn't easy being in S.

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Rusty Traque posted:
Quick Casey posted:

Okay, so the C&Os are out. I must have not joined for 25017.  Thanks for the pictures.

25017?  Wow!

You wouldn't happen to have one of these in your garage by any chance...

Time Machine


Yes, Rusty's question is appropriate to the year 25017 quoted. However even if you don't have that time machine if you pre-order now for the 25017 S gauge MTHRR Club Car you might actually get it on time. 22,999 years is the current average time required for these type cars to be delivered from MTH.


I was just schlepping around on ebay and noticed an auction for a nearly identical SHS C&O boxcar that was also the subject of the 2017 MTHRR club car. The 2017 car had a different road number.

2017 car:

road number 12865......

SHS car is numbered 12744: hard would it have been to come up with a new car??? Anyway, if you really  need that 2017 car check the cars you already might just already have it!




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