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Hi All,

I recently got an MTH 2-10-0, but I didn't like the platform on the Tender.  So I decided to model a new one and here are the results.  I will be posting this in the downloads section.

Stock Tender:


The Model:

Platform Model TopPlatform Model Underside

Next to each other:

Next to each other

Finished on the Tender:

New on Tender

I made the holes on the underside for the steps small they can be expanded to allow the screw to fit in case the screws were different.  I expanded mine to 5/64 which was snug for the screws.


Images (5)
  • Stock
  • Platform Model Top
  • Platform Model Underside
  • Next to each other
  • New on Tender
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Hi Y'all,

Thanks for the comments.

To answer your questions, yes, I 3D printed it here at the house.  It took about 45 minutes on the highest quality setting.

I did get a shorter coupler - basically the shortest I could find that was compatible with the ERR board.  I have a picture of it below put together.

I agree a Kadee would look good if I ran with Kadees.     But it would probably be easy to update the model with the Kadee mount.

Here are pictures of it painted and installed:

CompletedEntire Engine

Here's a video of the upgraded engine (ERR with new lighting).  The red flashing lights under the cab are the Evan Designs Campfire LEDs I use to simulate the burn.  And sorry for the crab claw on the front - I'm double heading this with a 2-8-0, so I needed it.  I also did not have the smoke on, but it works like a champ.


Images (2)
  • Completed
  • Entire Engine

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