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Have firmed up with MTH that we will be getting  the following done in 2 rail (as well as 3 rail)

Maine Central steel drop bottom gondolas

C&EI steel drop bottom gondolas

NYO&W fishbelly 2 bay hopper cars

Clinchfield fishbelly 2 bay hopper cars

I chose to do these cars because they are late MTH premier tooling and very well detailed.  Lots of separately applied parts and wire details.  They are far nicer than the early MTH Premier cars.  If you've never looked at them, you should.    I did the 64' wood side (1890's) coaches in 2 rail, and a number of 2 railers were amazed at how nice these cars are.

Also I will be doing some MTH Premier 36' wood reefers.  I can ask for these in 2 rail.  If anyone has specific wants or ideas, pls post with pix of the car.



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