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Sorry Brad .......I only have the Premier ps2 model  (  the CSX  model cab # 1305 that was shown on " ERICS  TRAINS " video ) that I installed a BCR instead of the battery.  Got it on the action site with 40 hours run time.

Only issue I had was the engineer side shade broke off............don't ask  ........ that I reafixed.

I operate it on a layout with two loops ,  two Z1000 bricks , a Rev L / TIU ( on fixed 1 and fixed 2 channels ) with remote  and  some 031 curves .            Also some running conventional with a Z1000 and Zcontroller .                NO  PROBLEMS.

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I have several PS3 engines in four and six axle, plus two steam. On occasion, one that's new out of the box will "squeal". If that happens, cut the power and let it sit with the power on for a few minutes. I don't know why they do it, but that has only happened for me with a couple of brand new engines.

Other than that, all of mine have been fine. My Genset is a PS2.

What is yours doing?

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