MTH 20-2214-1 #80 Coal Turbine Protosounds 1


The fan motor is not part of the smoke unit housing.  It screws on to the top of the smoke unit circuit board.  It has a plug that attaches to the smoke unit circuit board for power.  The other smoke units I have seen have all parts in one complete unit.  If I can not buy the smoke motor, maybe I can buy the complete smoke unit.


You're talking about the one with the remote power connection, the whole smoke unit is on top.  However, it's different than the standard PCB, though you could hack a standard smoke PCB to make it work.  The board below the smoke unit probably looks a lot like this one, the posts go through the depressions on the sides.


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If you're going to all the trouble of taking the smoke unit out, etc. why not just replace the motor and be done with it?

First, I have found oiling does work.  All bearings on our trains for the most part are oilite bearings.  But they can dry out and a drop of oil will sit on the shaft and be drawn in to the bearing.  It doesn't dissipate even when spinning.  The fan motor is replaceable on all MTH smoke units.  BE-0000041 is the part number.

Trying to find a the whole smoke unit is more problematic for PS-1 as early engine had unique and press fit stacks.  Later MTH went to more generic thread stacks, though some models don't.

Oil the fan and try it.  Buy a BE-41 for back up.  Simple.  G 

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GGG and John,

I took both of your sets of advice.  I oiled the motor and I ordered a supply of replacement motors.  Thank you so much for the part number.  I now see how easy it is to replace a smoke unit motor.  With all the help you guys have given me, my skill set is growing very quickly.  Thanks again!

Mark Girardi

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