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Again, in those early versions (2003-2004 timeframe) that before pre-soldered and heat shrink wrapped packs, they use AA and I think in some cases maybe AAA 2 cell battery holders (depending on space and size where the batteries could fit). Your choice really, you could continue using the original holder if not corroded and in good shape, or use a shrink wrapped pack if you can connect to the harness, or a BCR2, a DIY 5V super-capacitor.

Often when I build my own super capacitors, I just use JST connectors directly to the battery port on the PS2 board VS the original charging harness. My theory is less in series connections is one less place to fail- but that's just how I feel about it.

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@chefmarkt69 posted:

Hello Gun runner, it doesn’t have a plug and the end of the battery holder. It looks like it is soldered into a switch on the bottom of the tender.

You missed the point.  This rig plugs directly into the top board 2-pin battery harness connection and eliminates the battery harness.  Since you no longer need either the charging port of the battery, you can dispense with the whole thing.

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