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I have an MTH #262 Crossing Gate with Signal and recently the arm started sticking in the down position. Research and inspection showed that this is normal after prolonged use, and the piston was getting stuck inside the coil in the energized position. I ordered a new coil, Part BB5200008 from, however once it arrived it is not the exact same flasher module as the one in mine. I'm sure it's upgraded, but a couple of hours inspecting and comparing each module did not point me in any obvious direction on where to solder the power to each light. On the old model they solder right to the back of the board. This new board is flat, with nowhere to solder anything. Can anyone help me out? I appreciate it, thank you.

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This parts picture is no help as far as wiring connection. I need a better shot facing the board to see the traces and solder pads to even attempt to guess where to solder.

Also, there is just the coil itself, rather than the entire assembly- which may have been a choice and saved money if all that was wrong was your coil was bad. Hindsight always 20/20


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