I have seen videos of the esu mobile contoller two able to controll mth ps2/3 in dcc on 3 rail track. they only show a test track of one long straight track set up though. is this set up really possible on a real 3 rail track layout especially with reversing loops? I was just toying with the idea of trying to run my mth engines using the esu command system. I know the ISU proto throttle will work with the esu command station. the ISU proto throttle looks so cool and prototipical to use. I thought maybe using mth o scale engines would be even better given thier size. not sure just how well the 3.0 electronics with built in dcc would run vrs. a real dcc decoder such as esu o scale decoders. like I said I am just toying with the idea. anyone trying this or have any thoughts about this. feel free to comment. thanks.



Roger g.

I can't see how the system or engine would know that it's being used on 3 rail or 2 rail. I use my same DCS system on both 2 and 3 rail and different scales. 

That said, there's usually some unknown quirks that aren't always obvious.

I kept an old MRC DCC system just to test stuff with before I upgrade them. Come to think of it, I never tried it with 3 rail.

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enginer joe, thanks you just gave me an idea. I too forgot I have an old mrc prodidy system. I will try that out this weekend. since I will be putting the engine into dcc mode via the dsc/dcc switch what power supply is needed to power the track? could my 180 lionel bricks still be used? since they are ac out I would not think so since the mrc system is made for dc voltage right. I have an old mrc tech two transformer that I could use if the bricks cant be used. what does mth recomend? maybe I will look that up. my gears are spinning now thanks joe.

Roger g.

Roger, as long as the DCC system running the layout is supported by ProtoThrottle then this would work as others have said. But you would have a limited range of functions as the MTH DCC decoder doesn't support some of the CVs and functionality needed to get the best out of ProtoThrottle.    

In particular, momentum/coasting and separate braking functions are important for the most realistic PT operation.  Typically the latest decoders from Loksound, Soundtraxx and TCS are more adaptable and can match the physical inputs with decoder/loco behaviour that makes PT more realistic.  

ProtoThrottle has increased my enjoyment of the hobby significantly and I highly recommend it!  

Pete M

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thanks pete for the info and video this clears up what I susspected about the limited dcc functions in the mth locos. At the kc nmra show I saw the esu decoders you are talking about. yankee dabler had them and highly recomended them. It seems as though you would loose a lot of dcs capabilities these engines have right now just to use proto throttle.

currently running my layout using dcs and the physical remotes are working just fine. I just love that proto throttle though. I guess the cost to convert all my engines to dcc just to be 100% compatable with the proto throttles would not be worth it. I realize that dcs is more advanced than dcc and has more cv's than 28,but the thought of using the esu mobile controllers and one or two proto throttles does sound enticing at times.

I have the mth wifi also and have used my phone and tablet to run my trains. I have the premium version also.while changing settings or accessing features is greatly improved over the antiquated remote. running the actual trains is not as fun as I feel I am always looking at the screen to see the buttons. wish they would make a new remote similer to the esu remote. thats just a wish though it will never happen at least from mth themselves. 

Roger g.

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