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I just got this engine in today (finally) from Ebay and am having a speed control issue with it. When running ( with/without cars and with/without smoke, makes no difference) it runs erratically, speeds up, slows down, jerks everything but run smooth. Also mind you this is at 3 mph on the DCS remote. I have no ideas on what to do. Reloading the sound set and a feature reset made no difference either. I was able to run it half a lap on my layout before it started acting funny. Attached is a video of it with cars and smoke. I will take another one later that has no cars or smoke. This engine had the white battery which I replaced with an EBL before even putting power to it. It had 5 1/2 hours on it before I ran it today. Any ideas please let me know. I'm thinking it has something to do with the tach or speed sensor but I could be wrong.  Is this something that is fixable with the 5v board in it or does it need a PS/32 board? Using an MRC pure power dual for power. 


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@Alan Mancus posted:

ps 32 board would repair engine only sold to asc tech's ! is the tach tape on flywheel in good condition? tach boards are also available. asc tech could check you board in test fixture !


I haven't opened the engine up. I have a local tech who I will have take a look at it. Is the tach board a fixable part without needing the PS32 Board. I rather not pay for that if I don't need it right now. 

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