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I seem to remember there was a 3 car set offered by MTH of the 330 series coaches in PRR.  I have been searching the MTH site and have been unsuccessful.  I found the single 10-5023 single coach bit can not find any others.  Does anyone here remember that set and maybe have the product #?



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Thanks for the idea but I already tried that.  It is not in the same catalog and I could not find it in any prior catalog, or any catalog on the MTH site for that matter.  I'm starting to question my sanity, but I don't think MTH would make the baggage car if the coaches and observation weren't available.  Then I saw Steve Eastman's video and it look like it might be in the video.

I'm trying to find the product number so that I can search it up to see if it is listed at any stores or even just to call a store and give them the number.



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