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I desperately want a bridge. I just got the 40-1113 graduated piers for a steal, and want to at some point run a double bank of lionel extended truss bridges.

How can I mate the two? I understand that the extended truss piers have adjustable height piers, but they have complicated wiring and stuff for their drop-in nature...

Any advice before I pull the trigger on the truss bridges would be great!

Also, if this is the wrong forum, I wasnt sure where to put it, but thought there might be some tricky-ness to get this to work.

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Erik, welcome to the forum.  What you want to do is easily doable with the Lionel 6-82110 extended truss bridge(s) and the MTH 40-40113 graduated trestle set.  As you may know these trestles are made for any O gauge track with built-in roadbed, like FasTrack and RealTrax.  Getting the right track height leading into the bridges is a matter of selecting the highest piers from the set that will match the grade to the bridge height.  If the match is not exactly the way you want it to be, the pier locations can be shifted a bit and/or shimmed up.

As far as wiring the bridge, it's really straightforward and optional if the electrical connections of the bridge's built-in rail contacts need to be enhanced.  If you have additional questions about connections, someone here can help you with those.

Here's a link to a video from Lionel that talks about the bridge in detail:

You guys are universally awesome. Thank you! Just need to find the cheapest way to get two of these, and make sure I can fit them on the living room floor. 072 curves and track is pretty huge layout on the floor (grandkids and kids).  I have something like 20x10 floor we can use, and they like lots of curves and bridges and underpasses and things, so want to maximize their fun.

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