MTH 4208 shorting on 1122 switch

Subject says it all, MTH 4208 on a carpet run - sometimes it shorts on the switch, sometimes it doesn't - speeding thru is the best solution so far. I'm certain I'm not the first person with this issue - any quick fixes?

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obasher posted:

Which model is that? I have similar problems with a Decapod.


Lou - it is an MTH Model 30-2242-0 Alco PA AA Diesel Set w/Loco-Sound. If I run it slow until it shorts on the switch, the collector appears to be right over the fat center rail (technical jargon) and is likely shorting between it and the movable rail. I was wondering if maybe my collector wasn't tracking straight - it doesn't happen every time.

That said, this engine states clearly it should be run on O31 track, not across O27 switches, so that may be a part of it. I definitely only run it thru the switches straight, no turns - not interested in scraping the paint off anything

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