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Initially, the oil derrick produced "bubbles" after being on for a few minutes.  Although, I had to press down on the vertical light tube to firmly seat it before for this to happen.  Now the tube is illuminated, but no bubbles.  Any suggestions on how to get this feature to work more reliable will be appreciated.


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Like the Kline tower problems.

The light bulb may need to be replaced if  it is old and dimming.

If you raise the voltage to the bulb it will get hotter and brighter (or burn out).

The tube operates on heat rather than light, but the light makes it easier to see the bubbles.

There could also be to much of air gap between the bulb and the base of the tube.

The active chemical in the tube is methylene chloride and boils at a relatively low temperature. These accessories are the fruit of bubble light Christmas decorations patented in 1944, first produce in 1946. The very first bubble light was activated with a finger and thumb. For the most part, If the light is working, then it should bubble. However, there are instances when they can be stubborn. A gentle snap of a finger on the tube usually wakes them up. 

File:BubbleLightPatent.png - Wikimedia Commons

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