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I just bought a second remote, a spare wheel assembly and several spare cradles. How do I tell the difference in the remotes and if my spare wheel and cradles will fit both of my remotes? My first remote has never given me a problem and it was purchase when the DCS system was first introduced.

The explanation from MTH RD here seems to indicate the separate piece part cradles are only compatible with pre-2020 (so any remote that is not labeled as 50-1038 on the back) remotes.  (I had the same question a few posts below the linked one).  It looks like they will not sell the new design cradles separately, only as a full thumb wheel assembly.

So unless your "just bought" remote was by some miracle an old 50-1002 version (seems highly unlikely since there was a pretty wide spread out of stock situation before these new remotes recently showed up), the cradles you bought will only be good for your original remote.

It sounded like from the description that the new thumb wheel assemblies are compatible with all remotes (though with a different wiring instruction that is to be included with the part).  So a new thumb wheel assembly can be used in an older remote if needed.

I don't think the specific part of your question regarding an older thumb wheel assembly being usable for a new remote if needed was explicitly stated.  It sounds logical (though I would suspect it may involve a wiring difference), so hopefully MTH RD will respond to that part to clarify.


I recently received an order of a few cradles and thumbwheels mounted in cradles from MTH to repair these and future broken cradles. I was hoping from the previous post from MTH on this thread that they might be the reinforced version. But from what I can see I guess it will be the next run they do that will have the stronger cradle design. The new thumbwheel on the left is one I had purchased as a spare a few years ago. The one on the right is the new one I just received that has the instructions to rewire for thumbwheel to operate in the correct direction.



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The brand new remote just released, that I received last month looks and feels identical to the old ones. The sales slip says 50-1038 the package says 50-1002.

I did not change to the new thumbwheel as just the cradle was broken on both these remotes I had bought used shown in above post photos. I just took these to a local electronics repair shop today that does fine soldering. He heated the pins and sucked the solder off then I pulled out the old cradle and installed the new cradles and he soldered the boards back on all in about 10 minutes, I put them back together and down loaded to them the latest software and downloaded all my engines to these from my other remote files. Again these cradles that I received in the mail from MTH about 2 weeks back, with some spare cradles and some with replacement thumbwheels installed in new cradles. All of these looked fairly close to the original cradles they do not appear to have any more strength to them and I expect over the years they will break as did the old style. I think I will have to order from MTH the new thumbwheels with cradles they speak of that are stronger???

Here is the image that was with the new thumbwheels BG-5000000;



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  • ThumbWheelNewWiringInstructions
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I placed a pre-order on one of these remotes and I just got an email saying that the remote has arrived and is ready for pick up. I got the impression these were not to arrive until the 2nd quarter of 2021. I want to make sure I receive one of the newer remotes and not an older model due to the improvements made to the newer remotes. Does anyone know if indeed the next shipment of these remotes are beginning to arrive?

Thanks, Dan

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