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My Premiere 611 engine powers up, light, talk and engine sounds and on only one occasion was recognized the iphone/iPad app and was added to the active engines to run. Now however, the powered engine is not recognized by the app as even an inactive engine. I do not have a MTH remote. There are no other engines on the track. I deleted the original finding of the 611 and tried to reconnect but no luck. I would appreciate a troubleshooting list of possible fixes. I use a Z4000 with TIU and Wifi units. Thanks for any help. Malone

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I would start by putting one of your recognized engines on the track and doing a track signal test. Some engines need a really good track signal in order to add. Find a spot with a 10 and re try it there.

Is this the only Proto 2 engine you have ? The polarity has to be correct for DCS running Proto 2.  Unless something has changed the engine did add correctly at one time so I doubt that would be the issue.

It sounds like your engine misses the watchdog signal. It should come up silent. You mention it powers up. Are you flipping a toggle switch to the block of track it’s sitting on after you power up the layout ? That will bring it up in conventional. If this happens usually you can hit start up and gain DCS control of it. Not sure you can add it in this scenario.

To do a track signal test. Get your ACL engine moving. Preferably around 5 SMPH. Find the menu on the app. that does sound settings an such. On the remote it was the in the Soft Keys. Find the functions MENU  and click on track signal. Once it goes into that mode you will have no control of the engine till you exit out of it. Your screen will emit numbers 1 thru 10. With 10 being what you are looking for. A real low number and it’s tough to add an engine.
You could have other issues but this is a good place to start.

Progress.  I moved the 611 engine to another location and the track signal was 10. I  connected the poorly designed connection to the tender and the engine was recognized. All of the sounds are working  but the train does not go forward or backwards. I shut the engine down as well as track power then restarted. No movement. Sigh.

You have a Z4000. If you take everything out of the equation and go from it straight to the track with voltage. Does the engine run in conventional ?  What’s your amp gauge reading on your Z4000 when you try to move it.

  If I’m looking at pics. of the correct engine it has a 10 pin tether. While the tether can be bad. Make sure it’s fully seated. What’s more problematic in these older engines is the PCB board on the engine side where the tether plugs into. The pins may need to be re soldered on the board. Usually you just need to re heat the area with a pencil iron and reflow the solder. But it’s not for the faint of heart if your not experienced at this. Problem is. You can’t really see an issue in most cases. If your layout features sharp curves there is a bit of strain on the tether which translates to strain on the pins and boards.

When you power up the engine. Give the tether a little side to side jiggle and see if it moves.

If no movement. I’d pop the shell and check connections. It probably has a Pittman motor. Hard to believe you could have a problem there. Spin the flywheel by hand and the drivers should turn with no binding. If you have a DC transformer. You can power up the motor and just to verify it’s good.


This engine is two years old. I did not try to run it till I had built out my layout. My voltage is 21-22 dedicated for each track. My tether is I believe 4 or 6 pin, definitely less than 10. I will check the tether connection again.

I have regardless made significant progress with your assistance. If you should be in the Richmond, VA area my grandkids and I would like to buy you dinner.


This sounds like a PS-3 engine, is it a premier?  Knowing the engine really matters.

If it has DCS/DCC switch make sure in the DCS position.  Make sure drawbar fully connects to the tender.

You can try operating it conventionally on test track and do a conventional rest.  1 W and 5B rapidly.  Listed in any PS-2 or PS-3 instructions.  G

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