F15F6294-57ED-4931-85EE-272AB360D6B87F403E60-764E-4666-A2C4-49F97FBFB40A962169D2-27E6-4844-A08F-BF59EC9AE299Decided to try a little project today. I always wanted an EOT device on the end of my autorack consist, but the EOT trucks are to short to fit. So, I disassembled an MTH EOT device. I removed the coupler from the truck , then replaced the truck on the autorack with the EOT truck. Those six little springs were quite  a task getting them back on the truck. Then I fastened the coupler with the EOT to the end of the autorack car. Thought I would have to splice the wires, but thankfully they were long enough.  Took me awhile, but I am pleased with the outcome.  





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