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Have any of you guys ever seen an MTH Bangor and Aroostook BL2 with a gray roof?  All the ones I've ever seen were solid blue, as per the prototype (I think).  Someone on eBay has one for sale with a gray roof and it's hard to tell if someone painted the roof and the top of the cab gray.  Thanks in advance!

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MTH offered it with the light gray/blue livery in the 2006 Vol. 2 catalog., 20-2685-1 and 202685-3.  Road numbers were 57, 54, & 51 for the powered versions and 56 for the non-powered version.

MTH also offered it in the 2001 Vol. 2 catalog, 20-2315-1, in the solid blue livery with road numbers 50, 52 & 55.  This is the model of the one that JIMS  questioned about the medium gray paint.

Some of the pictures that I found on RR Pictures Archives of #55, it is painted all blue, but because of how the light reflects off of the slanted portion of the upper long hood, someone could think it was painted a medium gray.  Reminds me of the blue cab roof on Lionel's Minneapolis and St. Louis GP9 2348,  the roof on the prototype was actually painted a gloss black which looked blue due to the sky reflecting off of it in the photo(s).  

My favorite livery of the Bangor & Aroostook is the Black, Red and Gray.


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