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I have two stations built from bank buildings.   The first I had for a while and painted it with a texture paint.  The second my good friend Alex Malliae built for me while I was fighting cancer in 2012.  The work Alex does is second to none.  I needed a project and Alex took care of that.  After he got it to me, I tricked it out with Miller signs and a backdrop of Philadelphia.  Both stations are built above my main lines and have live catenary below.  This station was also painted with a textured paint to take away the plastic look.  I have a can somewhere in the workshop if anyone wants the color.  Both stations look like concrete.  The bottom photo is the station by Alex.

Station for Hugh 022

Station for Hugh 004Station for Hugh 004Photo of Alex Station 023


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  • Station for Hugh 004
  • Photo of Alex Station 023
  • Station for Hugh 022
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