Did you do a Reset #27 to set the chuff rate?

In addition, there is a separate control for the volume of the chuff, Reset #6.

Reset Feature 6 allows you to change the volume setting of the chuff sounds without affecting the volume of other sounds, such as whistle, bell, enhanced neutral sounds, etc. To use, cycle to Reset 6 and press the Whistle button. A single bell will play, and the chuff will begin at the current volume. Each time the Whistle button is pressed, a bell will sound and the volume setting will cycle down to the next level. The levels available are 100%, 50%, 25%, and 0%. After 0%, pressing the whistle button again will return the chuff to 100%. When the desired level is reached, lock the changes by interrupting the throttle and cycling the engine into forward.

For later PS-1 if you do a reset 18 and then press the whistle button again (or if doing auto with Z-4000 press reset a second time) you reset other items including chuff.  This does not work on all PS-1, but it does work on many.  It is the method I typically use to do the reset.   G

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Interesting George, I did not know about the second whistle press.   Although I have a Z-4000, it lives in it's box right now as it's too big to use on my workbench.

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