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So it is PS-2 3V which means board in tender and mux set up.  So two light controls and marker in engine.  HL, Interior, Fire box, Markers.  So LNB would have to be on HL circuit, at 3 bulbs with 2 or 3 bulbs already on IL (Cab and Fire box).   I guess they could have done it but I don't remember for sure.  PS-3 is certainly different since it has far more LED capability with the Boiler board.  Frankly PS-1 would have a better shot at having them since they had the large CV board for internal lights.  A lot of Premier steam do not have LNB. They are just on the boiler front with classification markers.  G

Common guys. Where is the circuit board in a PS-2 3V Engine? If it is in the tender there is no LNB.  There is only 1 Light wire going to the engine and it is muxed to control 2 features.  HL and IL.  Markers by default off the lights.  Typically IL and Fire Box on the IL circuit.  So HL would probably have the LNB, though they could have put 4 bulbs on IL FET.  Since his HL and IL work, the only reason for LNB to be out is a broken wire or both bulbs burned out.    Sound file is not the problem.  G

Does this engine use the spring contacts under the shell?

I recently lost headlights after I flipped the engine upside down to oil things, all other lights were working fine. Turns out some of wires going up to the lights were holding the housing for those contacts up just enough to keep the headlights from getting power. An easy fix once I figured out what was happening.

:-)   No springs on steam other than some small switcher types.  Diesels yes. 

For what it is work some model years seems like the wires got hard in the engine, and have seen plenty of bad solder joints at the plug under the heatshrink.  A light tug on the wire while holding plug can usually reveal a broken wire under the heat shrink.  G

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