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Just wondering what is the process, once you win something on the MTH Cabin Fever auction.

I was successful (for the first time) in winning an MTH controller/transformer, and an MTH Club Boxcar back in their March auction. As is the case to participate, I had to nominate a valid credit card (again), and everything was approved. I placed bids on quite a few items, the bids were all accepted, but in the end I was successful in winning only two of the items I was bidding on. Not to worry, that's the way it goes with these MTH auctions, and I have become accustomed to missing out by a couple of dollars to a higher bidder.

Anyway, I received an E-mail from Jared on March 24th confirming my win, and it showed my invoice had been marked as "paid". I then had to nominate if I was going to pick the items up, or if I wanted them to ship them to me. Well of course I can't pick them up as I live "down-under" in Australia, I can't even get an air fare to the States at the moment.....thank you Mr CORONA VIRUS!!!!!

To date I have not heard back from Jared, nor has there been any activity on my credit card to suggest they have deducted the money to cover the auction win, nor cover the cost of the long distance postage to get the items to me.

I sent Jared a further E-mail on 11th April, but have not received any response......this normal??  Does it take this long to settle the account and get the items shipped after their auctions close???

I was just wondering what the response is from other forum winners that have nominated to have the items posted to them??

Peter.....Buco Australia.

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The purchase and the shipping are two separate transactions as far as billing. You specifically have to agree to use of you credit card for the shipping. That shows up on your card as a nominal charge of $1 in the US. That sets the ball in motion. Cabin Fever updates that charge when it ships. That has been my experience. If you were not charged the nominal fee on the shipping portion, that is the issue to start with.

As to responses, these types of email reply’s may not go to the customer service que. I do not know.

Good evening and good luck.

Morning gentlemen:

jpc - Yes, they placed the nominal $1 charge on my credit card account when I registered to bid. I also had to give them my shipping address.....that should have been a clue for them!!

PRR1950 (Chuck) - Couldn't find anything in their "terms & conditions" about not shipping off me I looked. I have purchased quite a lot of "O" gauge trains and parts from America and Europe using my credit card, and there has never been any problems, especially with the exchange rate.

Bossman284 - Couldn't find any information to say otherwise (no shipping abroad). Like I said, I had to nominate my shipping address right at the start, and this should have been their "trigger" to cancel my participation in the auction. This was not my "first rodeo" with Cabin Fever......I have been participating in all of the previous MTH clearance auctions, I just was never successful in winning anything before.

I really hope Jared at Cabin Fever reads this post and gets in touch with me to let me know exactly what is happening.

Peter....Buco Australia


Please tag Cabin Fever Auctions with concerns like this.  As I replied to your email this evening - Unfortunately I have no record of any communications for you on the shipping.  I search dates and emails, by name - I just can't find anything in our email.  I'm certainly not trying to blame you, but I just do not have communications.

We are happy to ship internationally.  It all goes USPS and it can be costly, but we have not had trouble with it.  Again - not being tagged here I didn't get notification of your post here either and unfortunately we do not always have capacity to be looking for posts here. 

We'll get you taken care of.  I'm sorry for your frustration - not sure if it's a technical issue or what, but these things can happen.  Your email tonight seemed to arrive fine so again, I can't explain the other messages not coming in. 



Thanks Jared:

It finally looks like things are finally sorting themselves out, and we should be able to put this thing to bed. I have sent you an E-mail with a copy of the missing E-mail that triggered the topic appearing on the forum.

Technology.....gotta just love it!!!

Looking forward to finalizing our transactions and getting the MTH auction items to me here in Australia.

Thanks to the forum members who chimed in with help/ looks like it's going to be a happy ending for everyone.

Peter (Buco Australia)

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