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Enjoyed the review - and outtakes.

Love these locos - though the real ones never had a single successful scheduled run, I've read. Turbines are fascinating. And these are just plain strange.

Considering the overhang (I have the 072, but I do not have the clearance - and we're talking some walls, not scenery), this would be a prime candidate for a sweet RK Imperial version, nice like their RK Triplex is nice.

I can't wait for the 49'er 4-6-6-4 review. I just want to paint it so much.

Really enjoyed your excellent review of the MTH C&O M-1 which resulted in one of them, along with the seven matching passenger cars, recently coming to live here.  About 70 or so years ago, I came across a full page picture/drawing of Chessie & her kittens Nip & Tuck playing as C&O M-1 circled around them.  I kept staring at that image & just could not get it out of my 8-12 year old kid head.  Darn, I really wanted one of those engines.  Now, thanks to your great review, MTH, & my depleted bank account - I have one.   THANKS
BTW, this is not the first time one of your reviews has prompted a purchase - an MTH Veranda also lives here because of your review.   
Allegheny posted:

a little discussion on MTH's 1st generation of this model and the differences between them.

The PS3 is the third generation/offering of this engine. The first generation (PS-1) didn't have the black grills. Prototypically they turned black from getting dirty. Also, the PS-1 version was missing the builder plate. I was fortunate enough to get one from while they were still in business. There was also an issue with the spring on the front pilot. I assume that that was resolved on the second generation. JDS did the PS-2 conversion. Mine is now a great runner.

I really have to hand it to MTH for making this model. In today's environment, I can't imagine this as a new offering. As for size, it is a beast. There's serious overhang even on 0138 curves.



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