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Have  a MTH 4 car CNJ Auto Carrier that has the end of the Knuckle coupler broken off. I was able to remove the pin and remaining broken end piece however I have no idea what the part is to replace it or where to get it. These auto carrier had to difference style trucks. The other type had a button on the bottom to open the coupler Here is a picture of a complete truck. What I need is just a end piece, small spring, and pin that locks the coupler end so it can connect to the adjacent car. Trying to take the whole truck off looks difficult.  Thanks for any help.coupler  


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Removing the truck requires that you unscrew the underframe from the flat car, then it will be possible to unscrew the truck from the top to remove it.


I thought that would work however on the auto carriers the truck is connected to a square piece of metal a couple of inches long. You have to take that off to get at the screw  for the truck. The that metal piece is not screwed to the bottom its help on by  rivet that would have to be drilled out. Only then could you get the truck off that metal piece.

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