6005284F-3310-4F41-8AD5-74EFF1917253AFCDA84E-02DB-4586-86B0-3D2FDA81B8944C7BF89E-D69C-4723-82D3-986D8567B1F9CADE6F33-A0F7-4EF3-BA3A-DE176BE6D36D95069698-8C31-4143-92EC-6DA6727A757983C448AD-A900-43E6-8239-D7654ACEFDA4FC1FA260-5EAA-4D0C-A511-7AE2499CDECB I started another conversion project, now that I have recently acquired a diesel switcher for my layout.

  Originally this loco was painted in black early CNR scheme, but will be outshopped in 3rd generation CPR livery(Tuscan/Grey/block lettering)

   Of course, Modifying the pilots requires some fabrication and finesse to achieve the desired result, so no surprize here

   Here are some pics of the work so far.

I have taken some photos of 7019, which is on display here in Calgary, as well for reference



Photos (7)
Original Post

 I have applied all the decals and I will need to do a few touch ups before I clear coat to seal everything

 I will need to mask and paint all the handrails and stanchions Tuscan(maroon) before I install both end pilot handrails bases

 I will be making new handrails from brass wire as well, now that the pilot is fixed.

 This will allow for the correct length handrail along the steps

  I have taken a few pics of the loco now that the decals are completed with loose parts propping up the frame  and body


Truck side frames are shown about 12” too high on the truck as they temporarily placed there for photos



Photos (3)

Here is an update on progress thus far.

 I have done all the detailing , handrails and most touch ups.

 I will leave permanent positioning of the front pilot stanctions once all electronics have been reinstalled and do final touch ups again

 Some pics, once again just a body sitting on the chassis and trucks for reference



Photos (5)

Thank you John A and Paul for the kudos!

I have really enjoyed this project. I have been able to recreate one of the memories of my childhood of spending summer vacations at my Grandparents home in Sudbury Ontario.

  Their house was 2 blocks away from the CPR station and main yard. There would be all kinds of rail traffic and switching happening 24/7 it seemed.

 There was at least 2 of these Alco S2 switchers moving cars around the yard all the time even at night and the constant Alco chugging duet was a great way to sleep at nite


  Sudbury for those unaware, was the location where the “Canadian “ would split into 2 separate eastbound sections(Toronto or Montreal) or combine into one when heading Westbound. Also ore traffic was ongoing with the numerous mines and smelters around the region

 I thought I would include an old postcard pic from the 60s showing two eastbound sections of the Canadian before departure at the station




Photos (2)

 The loco is all together and I have been test running it on the layout. Final paint touch ups are still required and the un coupler lift bars require installation once I have some handrail stanchions in stock

  Some grinding with the Dremel tool was required to allow unrestricted rotation of the truck between the side frame castings and the insides of the pilot steps

 The only issues so far with the loco has been stalling on the fastrack switches when travelling slowly(still working on that)

 Here are a few pics




Photos (5)

Rich Matt and Paul.....Thank you!

 Rich, I have really enjoyed your modelling and choice of prototype!

 I found that the MTH pilot is approx 2’ narrow and decided that I would just add a styrene veneer ,if you will,  over the existing die-cast pilot.

 I used a sheet of Plastruct styrene cut to the correct measurements. I built out the stairs etc from there.

 So far I have had to add a 1/4” spacer made of styrene to achieve the correct dimensions when fixing the pilot to the body

  Not an exact modelling job, as I decided to leave the existing walkway handrail intact, even tho, it was too short originally on the pilot steps.

Drilling out the existing stanchions was out of the question and risking possible damage to these fragile parts was avoided( a 1k pardons to to the “Rivet Counters” lol)

I do not know of yet what the minimum radius would be for this locomotive, as my layout was designed with 072 min.

 Let me know if you have anymore questions, I can provide more info



 I don’t know if this is the “right” way to do this, but this is the way that I did it

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