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When I first bought this engine the name was fine, however the engine suffered from really poor sound quality. Well MTH released a new sound set for this engine so I went ahead and loaded it up and yes the sounds are 100 times better now, but it seems now the name of the engine is scrambled or just messed up. So I'm like fine I will just edit the name and put it in manually. Nope, doesn't like that and gives me a command failed message. I factory reset the engine several times, no change. I downloaded the new sound file again, no change. Manually changing the name doesn't work either, just command failed every time.

Now besides the name being messed up the engine actually works just fine. however, It sounds like the PS3 name field in the sound code is messed up.

If there was a way for me to get the name change field working I would feel a lot better about this.




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