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I just stated running some of my trains with DCS this weekend, after the fiasco with my E44, but all worked out well. My point is, as complicated as the book makes it seem, it actually is quite easy and I really do like it! Actually it's very easy and I have the original TMCC setup from when it was first introduced and I thought that was cool. Today I received Barry's Book (May he RIP) and I have been pouring through the DCS manual and it really isn't as complicated as I originally thought, not at all. I have run into a couple of scenarios, but after carefully reading the manual over and over I have managed to figure out who, what , when and why and move on.  I actually am excited to get more into this. I know all of you who have real layouts already know this but I just wanted to add my .02. Thanks for listening!

Disclaimer- In no way am I discrediting Lionels's Cab1 Cab2 or Legacy systems. I have the original Cab1 and it was good for it's time. The other two I cannot comment on.

Engines of any sort, steam, diesel or electric are just fascinating pieces of equipment.

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I have both DCS and TMCC on my layout. I don't find either one any harder to operate than the other. I do like that the DCS remote will remember locomotive ID numbers for TMCC locomotives, where as with the CAB-1 I have to remember the locomotive numbers. I have my TMCC base hooked to my TIU with the MTH adapter cable so I can run both my PS2 and TMCC locomotives from the DCS remote. Installation of both systems was just drop in to my layout's wiring. I do like that the speed steps of DCS locomotives are in scale mph vs just steps on the TMCC locomotives. 

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