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for the past two years, I have set up a display using DCS Wi-Fi demonstrating the use of smart phone to control MTH trains.  You are welcome MTH.  The first year everything went fine.  However, the second year the phone could not find the network and yes I know how to change the network on my phone and tablet ( Samsung/Android).  I could operate via the remote.  When I took the system home everything worked fine.  I have two questions:

1.  Could other Wi-Fi systems in the area have overpowered the signal.  Such as the hotel Wi-fi or dcc. If so how do I solve the problem?

2. If the signal is the problem would updating the firmware ( have 1.0 )  solve the problem?







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You definitely want to upgrade to the 1.1 firmware, which was released shortly after the wifi unit came out. Here's a link to the MTH 1.1 Upgrade Page   

You should also update your TIU and Remote to the 6.1 version of DCS. There have been some needed fixes in both these updates. The TIU and Remote firmware should always be the same version. DCS version 6.1 also has some fixes you probably need.

Seems like v1.1 fixed some important stuff, but I don't remember what the problems were at the time. I'm sure others will comment on the fixes, I think quite a few here use the wifi and apps. I do agree that it will help attract the younger folks and I sure hope you are successful in that area at your shows! 

I got the wifi when it was first released. The 1.1 upgrade came very soon after, which I upgraded to. But, after trying my wifi unit briefly, I still preferred the remote and went back to that. Should probably try the wifi again now that they have improved the apps and added the deluxe app (which I have updated to, but never tried) with most of the features of the remote. 

Good luck and I hope that helps your wifi operations.

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