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I recently purchased all these items. New WIU and TIU and 2 used AIUs

The WIU was version 1.0 and had to be updated. 

The TIU is OK. 

And one of the AIUs is bad. The guy that sold it to me is being a gent and replacing it for me. 

Here me out with this. It is a long and convoluted story. After I had trouble with one of the AIUs, I was told to check the WIU and that it probably need to be updated to firmware 1.1 . That person was correct. I updated the WIU. But, to no avail, the 2nd AIU still didnt work.

But, that was ok, because I now have the latest firmware on my WIU.

This is where STUFF gets insane. 

In my inifinite wisdom(i am a dope), I decided to master reset my APP on my IPAD. Figuring, why not start with a clean slate. BIG BIG MISTAKE. Lol. Which knocked My app clean. All engines and new switches GONE. I had to re enter all my switches and engines all over. No big deal......Hahahahah. It was a fiasco. I was able to re install EVERYTHING, with the exception of ONE engine. No matter what I did, my APP would NOT read the engine. A 2 week old engine. If you can think of it, I did it. Connecting and disconnecting and PARTING out track and splitting this and dividing that and blah blah blah. Resetting more times than I care to count. Turn off this. Turn on that. Reset this. Reset that. Unplug this and plug in that. Stand on one foot and bark at the dog. Smash your head against the wall as I turned the antenna 13 degrees to the southwest. You name it, I did it. Nothing worked. And I mean NOTHING. 

Here is what is did to TRICK the APP and Engine. 

I took out a DCS EXPLORER and piece of track. I sat the engine on the track and used the app on my phone to find the engine. Once I found it on my phone app, I went to my IPAD app and switched from DCS WIU to DCS explorer and found the engine there. Then I put the engine on my regular tracks and switched the App on my IPAD back to DCS WIU and found the engine there. 

Holy frigging Moly. Talk about a massive massive headache. 


Lesson here. NEVER EVER EVER RESET the AP . 

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