MTH Dealer Appreciation release 20-80001

MTH produced a clone of Lionel DLW Train Master in 1999. It was part of a Dealer Appreciation release 20-80001. It includes PS-1 electronics.

It is virtually identical to the Lionel postwar model 2321. The MTH engine was built in Korea (Samhongsa?). Note the paint scheme on the MTH model. Looking for photos of the prototype Lackawanna engine with this particular paint scheme.

 MTH has since produced both updated Premier and RailKing versions of this engine.

 A recent Lionel version of this engine is #6-18322.



Lionel PW model:

The original Lackawanna FM was made from 1954 through 1956. It came in two different roof colors, gray and maroon. The maroon roof was only produced in 1954 while the gray roof version was made in 1955 and 1956. It had two powerful Pullmor motors.








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