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Jim, right after that Trainfest, I started with an MTH PS1 Rock Island E8 ABA (long ago converted to PS2) and two PS2 Rock Island Geeps. For the latter I scrounged around for every Weaver Wayne Feeds PS-2 hopper I could find. Then I discovered the Grain Train and IH hoppers and hopped on those. So you are spot on about the PS-2 hoppers.

In fact, the chances are that I bought no few PS-2 hoppers from you twenty + years ago--and no few more cars and engines until you retired.

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Thank you for your business. My favorite car to have custom painted was the Weaver PS-2 covered hopper. Weaver always did a fantastic job in painting those

cars. Joe and his people were so easy to work with. Ed, I suggest you contact Beth Marshall "The Public Delivery Track". Her phone number is  805-226-0320.

Her e-mail address is  She is on the west coast in California. She still has a large selection of Weaver cars.


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