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I have several MTH PS2 diesels that I have purchased over the years starting around 2006.  I do not have a layout but I am close to starting one which will be constructed using Atlas track with minimum curves of O-81.  Most of my engines have scale wheels and fixed pilots. All the engines were purchased new and until now, none have been removed from the boxes.  I decided to replace the batteries with BCR-2 units.  The first engine I worked on was a GP38-2 which had hi-rail wheels.  I removed the four body mount screws and the shell came off without much difficulty and I installed the BCR-2.  My next attempt was with a scale wheel ES44AC engine (MTH #20-2823-2). I am having an issue getting this shell off.  The instructions with the engine are kind of generic.  I removed the screws for the body, front and rear pilots and I also disconnected and removed the speaker.  Do I need to pry the shell away from the frame?  Do I need to remove the fixed pilots (do they come right off or slide off horizontally?). I am afraid of breaking something off of the shell.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  After this engine I have six more diesels to do.  Thanks for any assistance.



Images (3)
  • Front: Front truck and pilot
  • Center: Center view with speaker removed
  • Rear: Rear truck and pilot
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Some of the longer diesels have more than 4 screws holding the shell on. There may be 6 or 8, but they all are the same screw (JIS head with a small integral washer below the head. 

Also on the fixed pilot models, you need to disconnect the handrails from the pilots, as they hold the shell to the pilot with the frame sandwiched in between. Popping the handrails out will enable you to completely remove the pilots from the model, and then the frame should come out.

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